Inglot Cosmetics: Freedom Eyeshadows and Pigments Review + Swatches

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Eyeshadow and Pigments to try

For years I have been seeing Inglot Cosmetics all over Youtube, but never had the access to try out the brand myself. Recently while in Miami, I walked up on an Inglot store and ran in because it was finally my chance to try out the products.

The store itself was gorgeous and after swatching almost everything in the store I finally settled on 7 products; 3 eye shadows, 3 pigments and some Duraline mixing medium.

Inglot 33 , 297, 301
Swatches of Inglot eyeshadows
L to R: 301,297,33

Freedom System Eyeshadow $7

While swatching away , the product that I got most excited about was the Freedom System Eye shadows. The great thing about the Freedom system is that for 7 dollars a piece, you get to mix and match any of the hundreds of colors that the brands offer, making this a truly customizable palette.

I end up picking up 301 a deep rusty orange red , 297 is a deep matte burgundy perfect for the deepening up any eye look, and finally 33 a shimmery sky blue with green reflect. 33 was definitely the curve ball for me because in the pan it just looks like a basic shimmery blue, but that green reflect made it irresistible to me. All of these shades are super pigmented and also blend together so well. They also last all day and are easy to build up.

Pigments Inglot

Pigment Swatches Inglot
L to R: 45, 22, and 35
Duraline and Pigments
Shades mixed with Duraline

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow $16

Another product I was blown away by was the Pure Pigment Eye shadow. These are described as "Highly concentrated loose colored powder that ranges from subtle to ultra-intense effects depending on application. The product contains sponge gourd oil and almost 90% pure pigment." I've been really into pigments lately so I was excited to try these out. I also picked up some Duraline ($11) to make these more intense on the eye and to add to other products like my brow pomades that I'm forever leaving uncapped.

45 is a light green pigment with gold and pink reflects. This pigment gives me mermaid vibes all the way and when I saw it, I didn't even question buying it. 22 has a true purple base with bold gold glitter. 35 also has a purple base, but the glitter has more of a champagne tone to it. Below, you will find swatches of these shades alone and mixed with one drop of Duraline so you can see what a big difference a little mixing medium can make. I find that these definitely apply better with Duraline, the color is so much more intense and easier to work with.

Another thing I noticed was that 45 has way less product in the container then the other two shades, but according to the website these are sold by weight and not volume so keep that in mind when ordering from the website.

Final Thoughts

10/10, I would recommend Inglot to anyone who wants quality professional grade makeup that isn't over the top expensive! These can be purchased online here and on the Camera Ready Cosmetics Website here. I will definitely be picking up more products from Inglot at some point. I was truly blown away by the quality, especially the matte eyeshadows.

Look using 297 and 301

Have you tried Inglot before? Drop some of your Favorite products below so I can try them out!


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