9 Affordable Products to take your Beauty Game to the next level: Ebay and Amazon Finds

By Trecee Hutchinson - 4:04:00 PM

As a chronic shopper, I am always on the look out for awesome beauty finds. I love trying new brands and products so I have amassed a pretty substantial list of beauty products that I have tried over the past few months, that I love and think may be worth a shot.

These products will definitely take your beauty game to the next level and be easy on your pockets at the same time.

Professional Stainless Steel Palette and Spatula Set ($3.65)

This little palette is perfect for keeping makeup mixing mix to a minimum and allows you to easy mix foundation and concealer mixture while remaining sanitary. I love this little palette when I find myself having to mix things for myself  and others.



 20 piece Brush Set

Let's be clear, these aren't the highest quality of brushes, but they are so versatile. You get an assortment of brushes that can be used for all over the face. I love the flat packing brushes that come in this set, for my lids. I also use these brushes for lips and detailed crease work. 
phone light


  • Selfie Ring Light ($14.99)

    This little light has been so helpful and fun for me, when I need a little extra light for my pictures and selfies. It's alot less expensive than the Lumie case, but gives the perfect amount of light and has 3 different settings
    False Eyelashes


  • Broadway Eyes 3-pack WSP lashes ($7.49) 

    These lashes are natural looking lash heaven. The are long and add the right amount of volume. The band is also clear and really thin so the application is so easy!


  •   Lash Tweezers

    This tool will change the life of anyone who loves wearing false lashes. It makes putting on lashes so much easier. If you have not tried these and love lashes, pick them up ASAP.



  • TonyMoly  I'm Real Mask 11 PC Sheet Mask Set ($9.74)

    As a daily face mask wearer, this little set has been so perfect for me. I had been purchasing individual mask at Ulta for 3.75, so getting 11 for ten dollars is amazing!  My favorite is the Broccoli Vitality mask, but these are ideal for anyone who wants to try out the TonyMoly masks but aren't sure which one you will like.


  •   Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil ($7.99)

    This is actually a recent find of mine. This has been excellent for taking off makeup and leaving my skin feeling moisturized. It contains Rose Hip and Jojoba Oil and Vitamin C. This cleanser has improved the texture of my skin and keeps it so smooth all while evening out my complexion. The fragrance is also really soft and quite soothing.

  • Revlon Lash Adhesive

    As a frequent false lash wearer, I need a lash glue that is going to dry fast and keep my lashes on all day, ecpeciallu in the inner corner where they always tend to come off. This glue really does the trick and is cheaper than duo in most.


  • Ebay Lashes

     This last find is by far my favorite find thus far. These little lashes are sooo good and perfect for everything. The best thing about them is that you can get 5 for 1 dollar. These look really natural on the eye and are reusable.

    Drop some of your favorite Ebay Finds below.

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