Becca Cosmetics New Products: First Light Priming Filter and Soft Light Blurring Powder Review

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Becca First Light Priming Filter and Soft light Blurring powder

About two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have Influenster send me a few products to try from Becca for free! First, if you don't know what Influenster is, it's basically a website that allows you to test products from brands for free based on social media influence. About once a month, you take a survey for different products and if you qualify you receive a Vox Box, that includes a wide arrange of products from food all the way to beauty. The only catch is that you have give honest reviews and share the your opinion on the products in order to keep qualifying for boxes. I love that this site also isn't just for bloggers. Anyone who has social media accounts can sign up!

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Anyway, back to Becca...

Becca First Light Priming Filter and Soft light Blurring powder
Becca First Light Priming Filter and Soft light Blurring powder

Becca recently released some new complexion products and I was lucky enough to receive them and I was beyond excited to try them out. They released a brand new primer called the First Light Priming Filter in Refresh as well a blurring setting powder called Soft Light Blurring Powder in the shade Golden Hour. These products are available at Sephora, on the Becca Website, and at Ulta.

Becca First Light Priming Filter and Soft light Blurring powder


 First Light Priming Filter ($38)

According to the Becca Website, this primer is made to immediately "even out, cool, smoothe, restore and energize the skin. It has Special crystal technology scatters light to erase the look of shadows & creates a clear, flawless face."  It also has Sodium hyaluronate & prickly pear to capture moisture to plump & rejuvenate skin and is 70% water. Blue Flamenco creates the cool lavender hue of First Light that brightens & evens while ginger energizes and the cool cast of first light combats tired skin.

The main claims of this primer is to combat dullness, fatigue, dehydration, puffiness and fine lines.

This primer is nothing like the original Back Light priming filter from Becca. The shimmer is much more subdued and this one has a lavender tint and really fine shimmer particles, that do not translate as glittery on the skin at all. It has a light citrus scent, that is not noticeable at all once applied to the skin.

I have been wearing this for about a week and a half and have fallen in LOVE with this primer. Not only does it give a brightened look under foundation, but it sits well under any foundation that I apply it under and amplifies the effect. I love how hydrating it feels and gives off dewy goodness. To apply, one pump was more than enough for me. I also noticed that my makeup lasts much longer when I wore this primer. I also noticed that it does help with the appearance of the fine lines in my face, especially my smile lines.

Becca First Light Priming Filter and Soft light Blurring powder

Soft Light Blurring Powder in Golden Hour ($38) and Kabuki Brush ($30)

The other products I got to try out is the Soft Light Blurring Powder and a Kabuki Brush to apply it with. This powder is supposed to  "add dimension to the skin and act as a filter and blur out pores. The unique, plush, micro-fine texture creates a flattering veil that does not cake or settle into fine lines & pores. Ceramic microspheres scatter light to create a delicate, velvety finish that smooths, evens & perfects the complexion."

This powder is has a peach beige tinge to it and on my skin was not translucent. For that reason I would say it is not suited for really light and really dark skin tones, as the color just kind of sits on the skin.

Although, I love the texture of this powder I absolutely HATE the way it looked on my skin. It looked really cakey and did not blend out flawlessly at all when paired with liquid foundation. I tried it with at least 3 different foundations and in every case it just kind of sat on top of my skin.

Maybe I am applying it wrong, I tried it under my eyes and it looked bad and did not blend out smoothly at all. I then tried it as an all over face powder and it made me look ashy. It safe to say that I am just not feeling this powder for my skin. It was so bad that I had to take my foundation off and reapply in the look featured below.

 The Soft Kabuki brush was really soft and felt luxurious. It's dense, but not too dense and is perfect for applying all over face color.

All in all, I loved two out of the three products I was sent. The brush and the primer are everything and totally worth the price point. The powder on the other hand, yea don't buy it. The quality isn't there, especially for the price point.
First Light Priming Filter Used under Sephora Teint Infusion Foundation

Have you tried out any of the new 2017 products from Becca yet? Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I am using this primer for a year. I got super oily and acne-pore skin. I heard about this primer for the first time from a friend of mine, who did Spring make-up lesson with me from Lina Cameron, who trains best makeup lesson in my town! After that, I took one sample size from Sephora when I went to U.S.A to visit my in-laws. Later on I bought full size one from U.K and using this about a year, I am loving this one so much from then. It makes my skin smooth, glow and keep my makeup for long time.