Round Up: My Favorite Becca Products

By Trecee Hutchinson - 8:23:00 PM

The Best Becca  Cosmetics Products
Becca Highlighters

Becca Cosmetics is probably my go to brand for anything shimmery. I absolutely adore their Shimmering Skin Perfector highlighters and since discovering the brand a few years ago have slowly added a bunch of their products to my make up stash and want to share it with you all and give a run down of my favorite products and one that I absolutely hate...

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Shimmering Skin Perfectors $38

This is the product that kicked off my love affair! I personally love a super intense highlight and these are definitely that. They aren't bestselling for nothing! The finish of the line as a whole is really creamy and extremely pigmented. They also blend out nicely and can be sheered out which I can appreciate especially because I wear these a few days a week to work.

Opal - This is my very first highlighter and is still my favorite for highlighting the center of my face. There is something about the golden pearl tone of this highlighter that really draws attention to my face and for all the right reasons. I can't use it on the tops of my cheeks because it comes off slightly ashy, but I think its a great versatile shade and works for a wide variety of  skin tones.

Champagne Gold- I really love this color on dark skin. It's a true yellow gold and perfect for summer time minimal makeup wear. It was limited edition, but I am so glad I have it in my collection.
Moonstone -This little mini came as a part of a Sephora Favorites set I picked up around the holidays. I personally can't wear this icy pale highlighter as an actual highlight on my skin tone, but I do love this as eye shadow and in the inner corner of my eye. It is beautiful and really opens up the eye especially with smokey dark looks.

Luminous Blush in Blushed Copper $34

I first tried out the luminous blush formula in the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection palette, but this deep copper shade literally gives me life. It's so pretty and is dark enough to really bring out the warm undertones in my collection. I don't ever wear this shade with highlighter because it works well on its own. If you have a similar skin tone to mine, this blush is a must have!

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette $59

I almost didn't buy this palette.I tend to stray away from super hyped up products, but as soon as I swatched this in Sephora it had to come home with me. It features Champagne Pop (Peachy Orange Gold) and Prosecco Pop (Light Medium Gold) Shimmering Skin Perfectors, which I found to be beautiful colors that translate well on a variety of skin tones. My favorite part of this palette is hands down Rose Spritz, a Luminous Blush that is raspberry with gold shimmer. Pretty is an understatement! The other blushes in the palette Pamplemousse and Amaretto are also really pretty and blend into the skin well. This was worth the money in my opinion and it definitely holds its weight in my makeup collection.

Afterglow Palette $39 | Post

I picked this palette up for Christmas the year before last because I wanted to add the Rose Gold and Topaz Shimmering Skin Perfectors to my collection without getting full sized products. This is my go to palette for travel because it gives me options and in a pinch can serve as eye shadow, highlighter and blush. It also features two mineral blushes Flower Child and Wild Honey that are so gorgeous on my skin.
The Best Becca  Cosmetics Products
L to R: Opal, Champagne Gold, Blushed Copper, Moonstone
The Best Becca  Cosmetics Products
Shimmering Skin Perfectors
The Best Becca  Cosmetics Products
Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette
The Best Becca  Cosmetics Products
Afterglow Palette

First Light Priming Filter $38 | Post

This primer is amazing. It gives the softest glow under makeup. It has a lavender tint and tiny reflective particles that are not noticeable at all. This is holy grail low maintenance makeup for me. I also love the citrus scent. Check out my full review here. 

Soft Light Blurring Powder $38

I did a full review on this product, but long story short I hate this powder. It's an odd color and sits on top of product without blending in. This is the one Becca product that I think can definitely be a pass. Don't buy will thank me later.

Becca Ever Matte Foundation $42 | Post

Although my skin is pretty normal and even kind of dry, in the summer I sweat a lot! This foundation is seriously heat and water proof. When I need a flawless base and I'm going to be outside this is my go to. The finish of this is matte and it offers full coverage, so its not for those I also love the color selection of this line. There is something for every skintone and undertone you can think of and my shade is Mohogany.

Becca Soft Kabuki Brush $30

I got this brush along with the setting powder and although its super soft and luxurious I don't feel like its worth $30.

What are some of the Becca Products you can't live without? Feel free to shop my faves below!

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  1. lovely post!!

  2. Lovely picks! I see a ton of my Becca favourites in here. Such an amazing brand! I'll be sure to steer clear of that powder! Thanks for the heads up :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. First time I have seen Lina Cameron to use champagne pop on my sister, when she went for her wedding makeup. She was looking stunning using this. She also trains make up lesson, so we did our Spring makeup lesson from her. After that we bought, opal and moonstone mini duo sets. From that time we really love this set. At first, we couldn't use the liquid one, as we are not expert in doing makeup. Now we really love this one and use them regularly. Both of them are a very pretty universal shades. We love all of there shades, so pigmented. <3