Makeup Revolution New-trals vs. Neutrals Palette: Swatches + Review

By Trecee Hutchinson - 2:18:00 PM

I was browsing Ulta's website a few weeks ago and saw that they had added some new Makeup Revolution items to the website. The New-trals vs. Neutral palette caught my eye on the actual TAM Beauty site, but I didn't order it because 12 dollars is too much for shipping in my opinion especially for one item.

I digress.

So I was thrilled to see this on the site, especially after seeing multiple reviews comparing this to the Lime Crime Venus palette! I am always on the search for a good dupe so I ordered this immediately.

As I've said many times before, Makeup Revolution is easily becoming one of my favorite drug store brands. The price is on point and the quality is amazing. Now, let's talk about this palette.

The description on

New-Trals are the new Neutrals! Upgrade your new natural eye looks with the new generation of natural shades in Makeup Revolution's New-Trals vs. Neutrals.


$10.00 for .56 oz of product


Ulta here or the TAM Beauty Website


Top Row:

Bottom Row:


I will be rating this product 1-5 based on the following: Pigmentation; Packaging, and Performance


I'm rating this as a four because of the brush alone, it comes with a dual sided brush that is actually usable and not just the standard foam applicators. The packing for this palette includes an outer box that was wrapped in plastic and the actual packaging of the product is a matte black. It's really chic and compact, but otherwise basic. The palette also has a really nice mirror that stands up on its own. One final nice touch, is that the shades actually have names displayed on a clear insert.


As you can see from the swatches above, on my skin tone some of the lighter shades fall flat. I must say I don't think that people with lighter skintones will have any sort of issues with the pigmentation. I typically use a lighter base, so when I actually applied to my eyes there were no issues with pigmentation.  I also think that the pigmentation is buildable for some of the lighter shade, so if you pack it on the lid in layers you would be able to build up the color to full opacity. The overall pigmentation of the palette is still really good and for the price, this is a top notch palette.

Performance: 4

These performed really good on the eyes. The mattes built up nicely and were easy to blend into the look. The shimmers also performed really good on the eye and the color showed up true to pan on my eyes which is always a good thing. The only thing that could use some improvement are the lighter mattes, they were slightly chalky and the overall feel of this palette is a little cool for my taste. In my opinion, the peach and red tone shades would have been better had they had a warm undertone. I wore this palette for my daily makeup for about a week straight before reviewing and the staying power is awesome. My makeup lasted the whole day with minimal fading or glitter transfer to my face. I also didn't experience any fallout until I used the darkest shade, but it wasn't a unbearable amount.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, if you are looking for an inexpensive eyeshadow palette with red tones, I think that this is an excellent choice. The shadows are smooth and blendable. The palette is also extremely diverse in terms of color selection. I just wish that some warmer tones would have been added. Despite that, I would still recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for a unique neutral palette. It is definitely not your typical warm neutral palette and that is why I am glad I have this in my collection.

Below, is a face I did using this palette for a day out.

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  1. I do wish it was more pigmented but it looks great on you.

    1. Yea I agree! The mattes could be more pigmented, but they work well with a good primer. Thanks for reading.