Testing out New (To Me) Liquid Lipstick Formulas: Mini Reviews feat Kat Von D, Ofra, Lipland and More

By Trecee Hutchinson - 10:28:00 AM

For a while, Liquid Lipsticks were the only lip product that you would catch me in.  Who doesn't love the idea of a lip color that stays in place all day and is super pigmented? Let's be honest, most liquid lipsticks are marketed that way, but a lot of what I was trying fell short of my expectations. Since they have become popular, I swear I feel like I've tried out every brand on the market and TBH a lot of what I was trying fell short, so I took a break for a while and reverted back to wearing traditional lipsticks for their comfort mostly. 

However, over the past few months I have picked up quite a few different lip formulas that I want to share with you today. Most of these brands were either new to me or just something that I put off trying out. Surprisingly, I had a good experience with most of the formulas I mentioned today. I think I even found some new favorites.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Tuscany $20.00

As you can see from the state of the packaging, this has been in non stop rotation for me. It's been in my purse, so all of the writing has come off, but in short, I love this formula!

Besides being a fantastic color choice for me, this formula is really comfortable. I have super peely lips and this doesn't flake off and lasts throughout the day even though I'm constantly drinking water and eating snacks. The texture is really moussey sort of reminiscent of the Stila Stay All day formula and has the same vanilla cake scent. The only downside of these, which isn't a big deal to me personally, is that they transfer a little bit and take a while to dry down. So although that's not a deal breaker for me personally, if you want something that completely kiss proof, these may not be the best choice.

Sephora Cream Lipstain in Bohemian Purple $14.00

I know this formula is super popular and has been available forever, but I have been so over saturated with liquid lipsticks that I couldn't be bothered to try this formula up until a few months ago. The hype for this product has been real and I have to say that I agree. The pigmentation is amazing and I also love how these feel on my lips. The formula is very liquidy and dries down really fast. It's also super low maintenance because I never have to retouch through out the whole day and the applicator makes it easy to get a precise application.

I'm obsessed with purple, but Bohemian Purple is life! It's the perfect grey toned mauve and looks good on so many skin tones. If purple isn't your thing, don't trip, this lipstick is offered in 40 different shades and can be mixed to get endless color combinations. Check these out here.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipcolor in Lovecraft $20.00

So Disclaimer, I have tried the everlasting lip formula before, but I still think that its one of the most comfortable formulas on the market.

I genuinely love pink lipstick, so Lovecreaft (mauve pink nude) is so perfect in my eyes. I also think it has the potential to be flattering on a lot of different skin tones. As far as the formula, these lipsticks are definitely everlasting and don't flake off, which is essential for someone with dry lips like me.

You can also get these lipsticks at Sephora here or on the Kat Von D beauty website.

Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipticks in Grannie Panties $21.00

To be completely honest, I haven't really enjoyed many Too Faced products in a while. I picked up the Sugarpopped palette and didn't like it and I also tried out the highlighters they launched at the beginning of the year and hated them. So after straying away from this product for over a year, I finally gave in and decided to try out the Melted Liquid Matte, because I really do enjoy the original Melted formula.

This is probably my least favorite of the bunch. I typically don't mind if liquid lipsticks transfers, but this one was a bit of a mess. Grannie Panties is described a vintage mauve and is a great color for the transition to fall that's fast approaching.

Lipland Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in Olympus $19.00

I had never heard of Lipland Cosmetics until, Instagram Blogger,  Amrezy launched her collection with the brand a few years ago and even though my interest was peaked, I never really felt compelled to try out the brand until I picked them up a few weeks ago when I came across it on the Ricky's NYC website.

This formula is SOOO pigmented, maybe a little too pigmented for my liking. I wore this color to work a few days (I know super extra!) with some plum liner and it literally stayed on the whole entire work day, through out dinner, and a long after dinner nap. This stuff does not come off until I physically remove it, which can a good thing. I will say this, it doesn't layer well at all and if you get any flaking its best to take it off completely and reapply.

I would say I don't like this one that much either. I don't hate it, but I'm also not going to run out and pick out anymore.

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint in Fete $17.00

This is one of my favorite formulas. Super comfortable and long wearing, the Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint checks off all of the boxes for me when I think of liquid lipstick. I recently collected 4 more shades, so I figured I would reshare my thoughts on this formula.

I personally love these lipsticks, but I do think the formula can be a bit inconsistent. Some shades wear differently than others. I think that they do purples and nudes extremely well. The shade in question Fete, dries down without any sticky residue and is not patchy at all. It also wears really well and lasted through breakfast and lunch without reapplying.

L to R: Sephora Cream Lipstain, Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint, Ofra Liquid Lipstik, Lipland Cosmetics, Toofaced, Kat Von D

What Liquid Lipstick formula has been your go to lately? Drop me a comment below.

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  1. So many pretty colors! I really need to branch out from my normal colors!

  2. I also have pretty flaky lips but I love how long liquid lipsticks stay on. I'll be trying the Kat Von D one next!


  3. ahhh i really want to try liquid lipsticks! I hear the best things!

  4. I love the bright colors of these shades! Reminds me of my happy place!

  5. I have the Kat von D liquid lipstick! I really love it.

    Alix | apintsizedlifeblog.com

  6. These are such pretty shades! I need theses colors in my life!

  7. These colors are SO stunning! I love all of them!

  8. Omg! Those colors are amazing! I definitely want to try something like that!

  9. this comparison is so thorough it's insane! thanks for it too, because it's good to know how a certain products compare to all those out there <3

  10. I have the melted matte in a different color and I don't really have any complaints. It's not my favorite one in the world, but it's not bad either!

  11. I don't think I've tried most of these brands! I love lip products and how pretty are these colors!

    xoxo A

  12. Liquid lipsticks are my WEAKNESS! I can't say no to pretty packaging!

  13. Great round up! There was a moment that I thought liquid lipsticks and I had a fall out, but we're still going strong haha. I haven't tried a bunch of these, but I'll definitely be checking out the ones you gave a thumbs up to!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge