10 Things About Me

By Trecee Hutchinson - 12:12:00 PM

Blogging for me has been something that I had been wanting to do for a long time. I have had a growing passion for beauty since I was a teenager and it has grown exponentially in the past few years. I love new products, but more importantly I love the satisfaction I get when I've helped one of my friends look their best for a date or shown them a different way to put on their brows or eyeshadow.

Now I will be the first to say, I don't know everything and I try to learn new things all of the time. I watch a lot of You tube and spend a lot of time practicing on friends and family members.

Since blogging has been therapeutic for me, I thought I would share some random facts about me to give you all a little glimpse as to who I am.

1. I live in New Orleans, La.
2. My favorite colors are black and nude
3. I would describe my style as Dark Classy with a little bit of Sexy. Most of the clothes I own are black, but I love to mix a little color.
4. I met the best friends of my life in college and they still influence me to this day.
5. My favorite makeup look is Flawless skin, Bold Eyeliner and a bold lip.
6. I am an Extroverted introvert and I can be incredibly quiet and I also enjoy solitude.
7. I love traveling and have been itching to have an international adventure in 2016.
8. I have a 9 - 5 that I love, in Healthcare Clinical Applications and got a Master's Degree in 2012 in Healthcare Management.
9. I love outside activities and love a good friendly competition. I always play to win.
10. My beauty goals for 2016 are to eventually post 5 times a week and show more love to the beauty products I already own

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  1. Love the new layout and I feel like I know you a little better now!

    Brittny | www.brittnykindred.com

  2. Thanks, Brittny. I am still in the process of getting my layout exactly they way I want it. Thanks for your kind words.