Review: New Jordana Cosmetics Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipcolor + Lip Swatches

By Trecee Hutchinson - 12:03:00 AM

On this past Friday, I was doing some snack shopping on my lunch break at K-mart and some how found myself in the beauty section and noticed several different new displays. I saw that Jordana Cosmetics has decided to jump on the bandwagon of liquid lipsticks with their new "Sweet Cream Matte Lipcolor". I ended up picking 4 shades to review today,

I checked the Jordana Website and have yet to see these products so I don't have any claims to go off of so I'm just going to give you my thoughts.
Availability: K-Mart
Price: $2.99

Let's start off with Some Lip Swatches:

These swatches are just the product no liner added
Creme Brulee - 01 : (light pink nude)

Strawberry Cheesecake - 02: (light whitened pink with a touch of coral)

Mango Sorbet - 05:(bright orange coral)

Pomegranate Pie - 12: (bright blue toned pink)


will be rating all aspects based on Pigmentation, Longevity, Packaging, and Performance on a scale from 1 - 5.

Pigmentation - 4.5
These are actually really opaque from the tube. The colors are the same in the tube as on the lips. Very true to color,
Longevity - 3.5
I wore Pomegranate Pie these to work and to a lunch date and it actually lasted about 4 hours. You cannot just go over the color you have on your lips, you will have to reapply completely. Also when I wore Creme Brulee and ate some salad that had oil in it. It almost completely came off. Untouched, I think the lasting power is good though. These would be ideal for a night out where you may be only drinking liquids, I found that they lasted well between drinking and eating light food.
Packaging- 4 
The packaging is nothing special, just a regular plastic tube with a black top. The product has a doe foot applicator and in my opinion it disperses too much product. I got much better results from this product when I went in with a lip brush to crisp up the line.
Performance - 3.5
Like I stated above, the color lasted a pretty long time, BUT this stuff is really streaky. I had to put on several layers to get it even and Mango Sorbet especially was just really uneven. I would suggest applying one layer on one lip and letting it dry, then going over it to build up the color. It's definitely not something that you can just slap on.

Final Thoughts:

So let me say, I don't absolutely hate these.
 If you're willing to do the work to get them to apply evenly I would say get these. If you're looking for something that's easy to apply and looks good with minimal work I would say skip these. I think that for the price point ($2.99) you kind of get what you pay for. These aren't my favorite, but I would wear all of the colors except "Mango Sorbet", that one was too streaky for my liking. If I had the chance to get any other colors, I would probably only go for light colors and of course in real life, I would wear the light colors with some type of liner.

Have you seen these Lippies in your area? Comment Below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Snack shopping always leads to unplanned makeup purchases for me too. I do really like Mango Sorbet on you though, it really pops. It's a shame these are so streaky and come off easily.

  2. Well, I guess you chose the worst colors of the range: I own almost the rest of the shades and they are very good! I actually count a couple of them as my favorite of the "cheapies": Cherry Cobbler, Mixed Berry Soufle and Rose Macaron are adorable! As a dark skinned woman, I hide away of so light, white based matte liquid lipstick, no matter the brand or price.

    1. Hey Angela, I actually ended up picking a darker Color Up (Raspberry Tart) and you are so right they fared much better especially on darker skin tones. For the price, its a pretty good product I think it was color issue. Thanks for reading and commenting!