Trying out Spring 2016 Beauty Trends + Wearable Makeup Part One

By Trecee Hutchinson - 9:27:00 PM

Just like the seasons, makeup trends come and go.

Just like fashion, the way people wear their makeup changes with the season. New York Fashion week always seems to set the tone for beauty trends and provides endless inspiration to us make up lovers.

Although, I'm a big fan of wearing looks that look good on me, I also love trying new looks out. This season's beauty trends were a huge inspiration to me and I wanted to try them out.

Blue Eyes

So, first let me offer a disclaimer, I love a good blue eyeshadow. I think it pops on brown eyes so i was thrilled to see this as a trend all over the run ways this Fashion Week.
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The good thing about blue, it can be super bold and bright or subtle. I personally love blue in the form of liner, but I won't shy away from a bold blue eye. For this trend, I went with a bold mid tone blue and Navy for an easy all over shadow look and a pop of teal in the inner corner of my eye. I was inspired by the Diane Von Furstenberg look (love her dresses!) that Kendall is rocking in the photo above. I added some warmth in the crease to make the look more doable for me and....there you have it, Runway inspired eyes.

Fresh Face, Bold Lip

Another trend that is so beautiful and right up my alley, is a bold lip with a fresh bare face. This trend focuses on boldly pigmented lips in shades of orange, red and pink. This look really allows the lips to pop. 
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This look is one that almost anyone can try. I created one fresh faced look with minimal makeup and tried different lip options.  The color is on of my Faves from MAC, Flat Out Fabulous. The other look is the same fresh faced look with lashes and Orange County by NYX (Liquid Suede Lipstick)

As you can see from the looks above, it's super easy to make Spring runway looks wearable and pretty. There are actually a few more trends I want to try so there will definitely be a part 2 to this post!!

Comment below how you plan to try out the Spring Beauty trends.

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