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By Trecee Hutchinson - 7:19:00 PM

If you've been with me for a while... you know that I love love trying new products.

Lately, I have found myself a bit overwhelmed with the amount of new products that I need to try out so I decided that for the next couple of months I am going to shop my Stash and pull out some of my much beloved products.

Summer is the time to really experiment with color and bright blush. So this month I plan to focus on some of my older beloved palettes and blush products I've been sitting on.

La Femme Blush in Magenta

I absolutely love La Femme blushes. I found out about these from Youtube and ordered a few because they are only like $3.50 or something crazy. The pigmentation on these blushes are unreal and I think Magenta will be perfect for the Summer months. A light hand is a must with these blushes. I got mine from the Makeup Mania website.

Jesse's Girl Pigment in " Penny Arcade" 

I picked up the Jesse's Girl pigment months ago and literally haven't even opened it. I did a little swatch of this and I love it sooo much... I'm definitely going to be using this in a Face of the Day soon, it's so beautiful.

Nicka K Blush Duo

This blush Duo was an impulse purchase when I visited my local beauty supply store to pick up some Shampoo, but I am so glad that I did. These blushes are soooo pigmented and are versatile. They can be worn together and can also be used as eyeshadow. These warm tones are perfect as transition colors. I have used this duo a bit, but I want to make sure I put in my drawer to use EVERYDAY!

Victoria's Secret Highligter in " Impassioned"

Once upon a time Victoria's Secret sold makeup and I actually really loved most of the products. I picked up this highlighter because at the time (circa 2013), the color was so unique. It's a pink highlighter with silver shimmer. My favorite thing about this highlighter is the way it feels. It is so creamy and long wearing. I also love that the shimmer isn't glittery its more of a radiance glow from within type of highlight

Sephora + Pantone Universe Earthy Elements Eyeshadow palette

I picked up this palette a few years ago from Sephora and it's absolutely beautiful. Funny story, it wa actually supposed to be a birthday gift for one of my besties, but I decided to keep it.The pigmentation is gorgeous and this palette is extremely cool, which I prefer during the summer months. This going to be my everyday eyeshadows for the next month for sure.

Too Faced  Love Flush Blush in "Love Hangover"

My final item is this coral blush from Too Faced. If you haven't tried this blush formula, I highly recommend it as its super long wearing and not too pigmented so that its hard to wear. This shade is especially universal and can be worn by a lot of different skintones.

I cannot wait to start adding these items to my daily makeup routine so that more of my makeup gets the love it deserves.

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