Single Shadows I Love: Coloured Raine and Anastasia Beverly Hills Review + Swatches

By Trecee Hutchinson - 1:24:00 PM

I definitely went overboard on the makeup purchases for Black Friday. In my defense though, there were so many things that I has been wanting to try out, so naturally I just got everything!

Single eye shadows are typically good purchases for me because I actually tend to use these more then palettes on an everyday basis. I also love that they are more customizable than palettes. Some times, I just want to pick shades that I want that way I'm not stuck with shadows I won't ever use.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favorite shadow formulas and they just happen to be having a 60% off sale on single shadows. I also picked up a few shadows from a brand called Coloured Raine that were 20% off.

Listen! Both of these shadow brands are must haves. I figured I would love the Anastasia shadows because I love every palette I have from the brand, but Coloured Raine truly surprised me. I totally fell in love.  I've had these for about two weeks and tried to use them on all of my makeup days and want to show off some swatches and give a mini review on the two different formulas.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Simply put Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows are amazing and live up to the hype for me. They have great pigmentation and perform amazing on the eye. The formula is finely milled and don't leave huge glitter chunks on your face which is always a plus.  My favorites of this bunch are definitely Electro (duo chorme pink with blue reflects) and Prussian Blue (reflective teal blue). I found that the matte shade, Red Earth (warm reddish brown) fell short in the swatch, but honestly performs really well on the eyes. I also love that these shadows can be layered without getting muddy. These regularly retail for $12 and are definitely worth it!

Coloured Raine

I hadn't tried anything by Coloured Raine up until a few months ago, but this formula is nothing short of legendary. The pigmentation gets a 10 out of ten! They also blend really well and lasts all day. These shadows are one of those formulas where you need every single color! Champagne Life (Champagne Gold) is my favorite and has quickly become my everyday go to. The mattes in this collection have more pigmentation then the Anastasia shadows and still have the same blendability. My favorite part of these is that they are only $6.99. You can find them here on the Coloured Raine site.

If you haven't picked up either of these brands you have to at least try one of each. You will not be disappointed. Below is a look I did last week using these shadows, so you can see how well the shadows melt together. The Anastasia Eye shadows can be found on her website (here) and at most major retailers (Ulta) . Coloured Raine shadows are sold on their website and Ricky's NYC also sells the line.

Has anyone tried out the single eyeshadows from Coloured Raine or Anastasia Beverly Hills? Comment below!

Look using Truffle Glitter and Champagne Life on the lid. Red Earth was used as a transition color.

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