My Go to MAC Lipsticks for Summer 2016+ Lip Swatches

By Trecee Hutchinson - 10:32:00 AM

OMG, this year is flying by. Before we know it the summer will be upon us.

My beauty routine in warm weather is super minimal just because the humidity in New Orleans is unreal! Typically, my go to routine only involves a small bit of concealer, powder, highlighter and lipstick. In my opinion, lipstick is always essential. My mother always taught me women should always have on earrings and lipstick. So I try to stick by that as much as possible.

Recently, I decided to pick up some new MAC lipsticks in preparation for summer. If you don't already know, MAC has one of the best lipstick formulas matte formula. They stay put and the colors give full opacity with minimal amount of formula. These mattes are not drying and apply smoothly. They also have a slight vanilla scent which I love.

Whenever I wear Mac Lipsticks I get so many compliments on the colors.

First, lets look at some swatches of the shades I recently added to my collection for Summer 2016.

Mehr (Dirty Blue Pink):

There's a slight backstory behind this color. I first saw this color about 4 months ago when me and my friend Dee were buying each other Christmas presents (yes, after Christmas), but it was sold out. I called every Mac in my area and no one had it. For whatever reason, I kept putting off ordering it online so when had a 20% beauty sale, this was the first one I put in my cart. I have an obsession with Mauve and this one was so beautiful on my lips and pulls very pink nude on my lips. This color is going to be paired with a burgundy liner and any bright eyeshadow I can come up with.

Men Love Mystery (Lavender Violet Matte):

Purple is my favorite color. It's so flattering on my skin tone and dark skin in general. Men Love Mystery is one of those purples that are universally flattering and can be worn by many different skin tones. I also love the formula and staying power of this color. It is basically Up the Amp, but in the matte formula so the wear time is much longer than the Amplified formula that Up the Amp has. I plan to wear this with cool tone eye looks or with just mascara, powder, and some dark lip liner when I'm on vacation.

All Fired Up (bright Fuchsia Matte):

This color is full on pigment heaven. Pink lips are a staple for me and I actually enjoy the Retro Matte formula of this one. I pick this color specifically to pair with neutral eye shadow or no eye shadow looks. The color packs a huge pigmentation punch so it stands alone well in my opinion.

Share some of your favorite lipsticks for the Spring and Summer. I love trying new products.

Quote of the Day:

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  1. Love your choice of colours :-) So pretty! Hopefully the summer will be great and you'll get loads of chances to wear them.

  2. You look amazing! That violet color is my favorite on you!

    1. Thanks hun i really appreciate it! Also, I love your blog!