March 2016 Beauty Favorites + Pics

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Although I didn't get to blog much in March because of work, I still wore makeup almost everyday. I also bought so many new products this month and I all of them that I have tried so far. I honestly don't have a lot of products that I hate because I am very selective on what I spend my money on. I definitely want to take more chances as the year progresses and I was also thinking about subscribing to a few Monthly subscription boxes to be able to speak to a larger variety of things (Drop your favorite boxes in the comments below)

That's neither here nor there though, let's get on to the favorites!!

Ruby Kisses Setting Powder ($5.99):

 I picked this up on a whim at the Beauty supply store at the beginning of March and I was so surprised how much I really love them. Now, I tend to use colored setting powder sparingly under my eye. The only time baking comes into play into my routine, is for nights out. I picked up the Earth shade and the banana shade. The Earth shade is good for everyday where as the Banana shade is a great brightening powder under the eyes and down the face. A way to prevent flash back, is to not let it sit for too long and making sure its applied evenly.

NYX Vivid Liner in "Vivid Sapphire" (6.99):

This has been my go to liner this month. It's so bright and pigmented....Vivid is truly the best description for this liner. I also really enjoy the applicator tip of this liner, it makes applying eyeliner so easy. The lasting power of this stuff is also really good. I didn't experience any fading throughout the day. This bright blue has been replacing black eyeliner in my neutral looks. I'll insert a pic of me wearing the liner below and you can also check out my full review here.
Nyx Vivid Eyeliner in "Vivid Sapphire" and Too Faced "Melted Fig"

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in "Melted Fig" ($21):

I never realized how awesome the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks were until this past month. I picked a set of three and I just love the formula of these lipsticks. They are super long wearing AND  moisturizing!!! My lips felt sooo nourished all day and the color of Melted Fig is beautiful deep mauve color. If you get the chance to pick these up do it!! You will not be disappointed... I have a full review of the three shades I have here.

Ebay Lashes ($1):

I first saw these when one of my favorite Youtubers Platinum D raved about them. For 1 dollar or sometimes less you get 5 pairs of lashes. The good thing about these lashes they aren't your typically raggedy cheap Ebay lashes. The way the hairs are placed are so flattering to any eye shape and they are reusable. I have been going through about one pair a week with proper care and I am a wear falsies everyday kind of girl. My favorite thing about these lashes is that they can be worn with out liner and still look natural. These are most haves for anyone who wants an economical way to enjoy falsies or someone who just wants to practice applying lashes without spending a lot of money.
Ebay Lashes in Action

Hydroxycut Weightloss Drops in Fruit Punch (6.99)

Anyone that knows me know that I love to eat constantly. Especially during the work day. These drops has help to cut my appetite so much. It also provides a burst of energy for my mid day workouts. I typically add it to my water when I first wake up and then again at about 12 right before my workout. When I tell you, I don't have the need to constantly eat anymore and it's so affordable. These drops also taste really good. The struggle to get swimsuit ready for the summer is real, but these definitely help. I got mine at Walgreens, but they are also available on Amazon. I can't really speak to the specifics of what's in this, so I just want to say you should do research before trying it, but I can say it works for me.

Stila Huge Extreme Lashes ($23):

I got a sample of this mascara in a the Stila Holiday palette and I just cracked it open this month. OMG, this mascara is amazing! I like it so much better than the Too Faced Better than Sex AND the Benefit's They're Real Mascara. It lengthens and volumizes with out being super flaky. I especially like this for my bottom lashes. It makes my lashes pop and when I run out of my sample I am definitely picking up a full size and this has quickly become a new fave!!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant ($2.79):

I have the dryest lips ever and this has been the only thing that has been keeping my peely lips afloat for the past few months. I think I saw that MakeupShayla uses this as a balm on her lips so I decided it give it a try and I must say it has done wonders for me. I slather it on all day and have seen my lips do a complete 360. They are so soft and supple. If you have struggle lips like me I would suggest this, it will change your life!

Share your Favorites for March below! I am looking forward to showing a lot more of the things that I have picked up over the last month!!

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