5 Bright Blushes to Try this Spring + Swatches ( Affordable and High End Options)

By Trecee Hutchinson - 9:38:00 PM

Spring is that time of year, where I start to incorporate color into my virtually all black winter wardrobe. Blush is that make up item that can really tie a look together and give the perfect flush of color.

Today, I want to show off some of my holy grail Spring blush products for my skin. The good thing about this list is that it not only works for my skin but most are extremely versatile and can be worn by lighter and darker skintones.

Mac Ambering Rose ($22)


Shoutout to my friend Dana for putting me on to this color. This blush is a muted rose with a faint shimmer and it is so on dark skin, but can be flattering for alot of different tones although if you are light I would use a light hand. Mac makes the best blushes because of the longevity and color payoff. This one does not ever disappoint. I had mine for forever so I it's definitely well loved.

Milani Coral Cove ($8.99):

 This blush is my every day spring blush. It's a bright matte coral and and goes perfectly with both neutral and bright looks. It's also great for an effortless minimal makeup when I just need a little glam. I actually picked this up on a whim and didn't think that it would work, but I was so wrong this is the perfect coral for all skin tones.

La Femme Blush in " Flamingo Pink" ($3.50): 

Pink is one of my favorite blush colors because it instantly gives life to my skin. You would look at this pale pink and think it wouldn't be flattering on my skin tone, but you would be so wrong. This color is SUPER pigmented, as all La Femme blushes are and it gives the nicest flush of pink on my cheeks. Being light handed is key with these blushes though as they are a bit bright. There are so many colors of these so there is an option for every taste. If I didn't already have 5000 different blushes, I would definitely pick up different colors.

Too Faced Love Flushed blush in " Love is your King ($26):
 Love is Your King is the perfect Matte Mauve blush, it's buildable and so long wearing. The Toofaced website claims that these last at least 16 hours. I am so obsessed with Mauve for every part of my face, but besides lipstick this

Tom Ford Cream Cheek Color ($65):

As I am not the biggest fan of cream blush, this is the only cream product that I swear by. Tom Ford products are amazing and this blush is no exception. It's a glowy coral color with INTENSE gold reflects and is an amazing blush topper especially in the warmer months over a bit of powder to intensify or on its own. It's not even a shimmery blush I would describe is a glowy because it gives the illusion of glowing within when paired with a powder highlight. This is my favorite blush for beach vacations because I can use a little in the inner corner and on my cheeks and be out the door. This is worth every single dollar I spent on it!


Top is in natural light and the bottom is with flash; (L to R) Coral Cove, Ambering Rose, Love is Your King, Pink Flamingo, Pink Sand

Share some of your favorite blush brands below so I can try them out. Also, let me know if any of these are your favorites too!

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