Cheap Thrills: Nicka K Blush Duos

By Trecee Hutchinson - 12:29:00 PM

Blush is one of those makeup products where I usually stick to high end and mid range picks. A few months ago, I posted about some of my favorite high end blushes, but today the focus will be on these little gems that were recent finds of mine at the beauty supply store.

Nicka K is an affordable line of makeup that has a huge range of products. Typically, I find these products either in my local beauty supply store (think hair supply store, but not Sally's) or online at Ikatehouse or Ebay.

These blush duos are little palette with two complementary shades and are designed to be used as either a highlighter, blush or contour. These retail for only $1.99 and are really great blushes. I own 4 of the duos. 2 blushes, a highlighter and the darkest contour duo. My favorite part of these blushes is the versatility it has. They can be used on a variety of skin tones AND can be used sheer or at full pigmentation. I even use the blush shades as transition shades when I do a warm wyw


Orange is one of my favorite cheek colors. I also like red blush but I find that a lot of blushes in these tones are two pigmented and end up look like someone punched me in the face with red blush. These blush duos are not like the typical red or orange blushes. The pigmentation is not over the top and it’s also really build-able. These also feel really smooth and lasts like a normal blush. I find that I can get about 6 hours of wear with these blushes, especially if I don’t excessively touch my face (which I’m guilty of often) and set with a setting spray.


The highlighters that come in this duo are absolutely amazing. You get a cool light pink tone and a deeper bronze tone that is a perfect highlight for deep skin. I also like to mix the two. The texture of these are smooth and they are highly reflective, but NOT glittery which is ideal for a highlight for me. They also last all day and sheer out beautifully on the skin. This is a must try!


This contour duo is the darker of two contour duos. What I love about these as well as the blushes they aren’t super pigmented, but they can be easily built up for maximum effect. I have been using these as my everyday contour and bronzer because I love how it looks on my skin. I apply the lighter tone first and then deepen the cheeks with the darker color. This duo is definitely melanin friendly but the other duo (not pictured) would be ideal for Caucasian skin!


Top to Bottom: NDO01, NDO07,NDO06,NDO09

Have you ever tried Nicka K blush duos. Comment below.

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