7 Ways to Save Time on Your Morning Routine

By Trecee Hutchinson - 11:48:00 AM

Like a lot of people, I often struggle with time management especially in the morning. In the same breath, my job requires me to be at work by 8:30 or like 9 am at the latest so I have to make sure my morning routine is concise especially those days when I wake up late.

Organization and planning helps a lot with being on time, but the way my life is set up that just doesn't work for so I want to share some of the ways I save time in the morning so that I am never late!

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Kick off your day with Lemon water and then coffee

I always start my day off with lemon water as soon as I get up. I swear it wakes me up and gets rid of my cotton mouth. Lemon water also has so many added benefits such as boosting your immune system, aids in digestion and in my opinion is also delicious when you are parched. I typically have coffee after I drink my water and I am already off to a good start

Lay out your clothes the night before

Growing up, my mom legit used to make me iron my uniforms (all girl's Catholic school) on Sunday evening for the week. This habit has kind of stuck with me, but not as extreme. I lay out my work clothes the night before, shoes, jewelry and all. That way, I'm not fussing over what I am going to put on or looking for a long lost shoe or something like that. Try this and you will find that your morning will be much smoother.

Putting on the TV or music once you turn your Alarm off

As soon as I wake and drink my water and coffee, I turn on the tv or put on my favorite playlist. I have a routine based on what's on tv, so I can listen to reruns of my fave shows while I get dressed. Listening to my favorite up beat music also wakes me up faster and makes getting ready kind of fun.

Simplify that Makeup routine

I love makeup and I love spending an hour on my face, but M-F that's not going to happen...EVER!! I have a simplified routine that takes ten minutes tops but still leaves me polished and cute for work.  Here a little outline of my condensed makeup routine:
a. Apply primer
b. Apply BB cream or Concealer
c. Anastasia Brow Definer (Works faster than the Brow Wiz) and Clear brow gel
d. Apply All over Powder to set Face and a tiny bit of bronzer and/or blush
e. No eye shadow or simple 1-2 shadow looks and mascara
f. Lipstick and Setting Spray

Dedicate a space

Speaking of makeup, it also helps to have an organized space dedicated to products that you wear everyday. I lay out my makeup just like I lay out my clothes. If it's on my vanity already, I don't have to waste time searching for things that I know I want to put on my face.

Cook Breakfast ahead of time

For me, breakfast is an essential meal. I have to have a filling breakfast or I will crash by 10 am. I am a big fan of meal prepping and I almost always make my breakfast the night or two before. If I am in a rush, I can just grab from the fridge and heat up when I get to work. I will put a disclaimer that I rarely eat normal breakfast food and usually prepare a vegetable and a protein. I also love boiled eggs because you can make that a few days a head of time and they are full of protein.

No Social Media

I used to literally wake up and get on Twitter or Instagram, but I found that this really slows my morning down. Skipping Social media until you're done getting ready (perhaps waiting until you're eating breakfast) will save you the extra minutes you need to be on time.

Let me know some of the ways that you save time in the morning! Sharing is caring, drop me a comment below!

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