Disappointing Products: Drugstore Edition

By Trecee Hutchinson - 2:40:00 PM

I typically don't blog about products I don't like because I am truly savvy about how money is spent when it comes to beauty products. I don't hesitate to return things that don't work for me and I also do a lot of research before I buy almost anything. It's almost like selective experimentation, I love to try new products but I also won't waste my time if something swatches horrible in the store. Samples are also really important to me because it allows me to try new things for little of nothing without shilling out cash for the full size.

However there are a few things that slip through the cracks and end up still in my collection. Today, I am going to show you a few of the drugstore products that I hate or was disappointed by.

Nyx Cosmetics Wonder Stick

This cream contour duo was not wonderful for me at all. I picked up the darkest shade Deep from the Ulta website in January and I could tell from the first swatch that it wasn't going to be for me.

First, in my opinion it wasn't dark enough. The color was only slightly darker then my skin tone and the highlight color ran way too cool toned. The main problem I had with this is the way it blended out. It was hard to blend out and patchy. The highlight side looks AWFUL under the eye and creases even when set with powder. This was just a patchy mess. Nyx is my favorite drugstore brand, but this missed the mark for me.

Nyx Ultimate Palettes

People sing the praises of these palettes, but I HATE them. I ordered these online when they first came out, but disappointment is an understatement. In my opinion, the pigmentation is not up to par as is chalky af. Some of the colors from the warm neutrals no lie did not show up on my skin at all, especially the shimmers. The mattes were decent, but I just expected so much more from this 18 dollar palette. In my opinion, there is nothing Ultimate about these and I couldn't recommend these to anyon. Instead, I think a better product for the same price are the Avant Pop shadow palettes, the quality is much better!


Maybelline Miss Manga Rock Mascara

Overall L'oreal has awesome mascara. Voluminous and the regular Miss Manga are some of my favorite formulas. So I picked the Rock version up thinking I would really love it, but that turned out to be the farthest from the truth. This is soooo wet! Everytime I go to put this on, I end up with mascara all over my face especially under my lower lashes. The brush on this is also not the best in my opinion. I know this was formulated for the clumpy mascara look, but I absolutely hate this on me.

 Nyx Liquid Lingerie | Post

I did a review on these when they first launched and thought that with more use I could possibly grow to love these, but that honestly never happened. Let me preface this by saying that my lips are extra prone to being flaky, but these were so drying on and they look absolutely awful on me. These also have that tacky feel that I just can't with. I know this is a fan favorite...but are a total no go for these dry lips.

Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation

I hate when something makes bold claims and then fails miserably. I have had this foundation stick for a good minute and I had to stop using it when its hot outside. This is  a light weight foundation with an anti-shine powder core. I think that it is light weight and gives light to medium buildable coverage, but the oil control portion of this does not work at all for my skin. I always have to blot when I wear this and I typically never have to do this with any shine control product. This is just not my favorite and I would never repurchase.

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Coral Reef

 This particular color in this line is discontinued, but this cream blush did not quite hit the mark for me. I did not swatch this in stores and when I did like I literally got nothing. Keep in mind, I am a NW45, but this does not show up on my skin at all. Cream blush has always been a good base for a powder blush or alone as a flush of color, but I don't like this one on me at all. I also have swatched other colors in this line and the color pay off blendability is underwhelming for me.

Comment below some of your recent or all time disappointing products!

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