Holiday Palettes AFTER Christmas

By Trecee Hutchinson - 9:12:00 PM

So here's the thing, I am totally obsessed with watching Youtube beauty videos. I love the hauls, the tutorials, the reviews....Everything. I also look to Youtube to find out about all of the new product launches and I especially love the holiday season because Holiday palettes have a special place in my heart and I usually end up purchasing more than I probably need, but I mean who's counting.

However, after the initial luster of new products wane or the holidays end I find myself not using the palettes like hardly at all. I want to change that (I also want to save some $$) so I'm challenging myself to using and sticking to the purchases I made and getting creative with the things I have already.

This year I ended up getting:

Holiday Palettes After Christmas use

Stila - Eternally Yours Lip Collection ($39)
Stila - A Whole Lot of Love Palette ($59)
Anastasia Beverley Hills - Self Made Eyeshadow Palette ($35)
Urban Decay Vice 4 ($60)
NYX Cosmetics - Butt Naked Underneath it All ($24.99 on sale at Ulta for $12.49)
NYX Cosmetics - In Bloom Look Set ($17.99 on sale at Ulta for 8.99)
NYX Cosmetics - Unraveled Look Set ($17.99 on sale at Ulta for 8.99)

I added a hyperlink for the NYX products because they are on sale currently. Get you some while its still there!

Stay tuned for more posts featuring the fun things I come up with these palettes...

What are some of the things you got for Christmas and how do you plan to use them if at all? Comment below and lets be friends. Follow me on Instagram @treceefabulous.

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