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By Trecee Hutchinson - 6:47:00 PM

Nyx Cosmetics

The day after Christmas is always a relaxing day for me. I usually spend my day shopping and catching up with friends and this year was no different. When I walked into Ulta, I noticed a display

of new NYX lip products and the one that intrigued me the most was the NYX Full Throttle Lipsticks. I purchase one and have been wearing it and testing it out for a few weeks and it's all ready for review.

According to this product is described as follows:

It's the color addicts ultimate fix and a makeup artist's dream: NYX Cosmetics' waterproof Full Throttle Lipstick covers your lips with a super saturated matte color and features a unique bullet with a beveled edge for lining, filling and perfecting your pout to your heart's desire.

Availability: Ulta and
Price: $6.00

Color: 01 Con Artist ( deep brown toned red)


will be rating all aspects based on Pigmentation, Longevity, Packaging, and Performance on a scale from 1 - 5.

Pigmentation - 4.5

As you can see from the lip swatch from above this product applies with full opacity. I have darker pigmented lips and this covered all of it. 

Longevity - 4.5 

So when I first purchase this, the swatch on my hand literaly lasted through a nap and a shower, This formula goes on creamy and sets down to waterproof matte finish. YES, its WATERPROOF!! It lasted all day.

Packaging - 3

So one of the claims of this product is the unique bullet shape that is supposed to aid in application, I think that the bullet helps, but after one wear my bullet was worn down making it a regular round shaped lipstick. I think the initial concept was good, but the shape isn't going to last. Other than that, the packaging is like a skinnier version of the NYX round lipsticks.

Performance - 4.8

Like I said in the pigmentation section. The formula of this is actually amazing!! It goes on creamy, but after a few minutes, sets to a matte waterproof formula, that did not move all day even through drinking water. I would assume that it would come off if you ate something really greasy, but I did not (winter diet struggle life).

Final Thoughts:

Y'all! I really love this lipstick. I kind of regret not getting more colors. I think I will order more off of the NYX website and use code "welcome25" so I can get a little discount (25%), 

Has anyone else tried out the Full Throttle Lipstick? Comment below if you have or want too.

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  1. I've got Kiss The Dust, and I agree with all of the above, excluding the packaging. It's awkward as all hell, mine broke off without me doing any-freaking-thing to warrant itdoing that, like, it literally broke off while I was loking at it after I opened it, I hadn't even swatched the thing, it being slim does not help at all.

    For such a great formula, I can go along with the sh!tty packaging, but an improvement would be awesome.

    1. Yes, I agree! The more use I've gotten out of these, the more I have grown to dislike the packaging. I ended up ordering like three more colors though because I love the formula though!