Review: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor - Lip Swatches

By Trecee Hutchinson - 6:07:00 PM

This past Sunday, I was browsing my local paper and saw that Revlon was 40% off at Rite Aid. So of course, the hoarder in me got in my car immediately and went straight there to check out some new products. In the end, the display in my local store was wiped out and I only ended up getting two of the new Ultra HD matte lipcolors.

I have had about 6 days of wear with them and I thought I would give you guys a review of them.

Revlon's Website describes these as a "lightweight, high definition velvety matte color. Moisturizing, velvety feel. 100% wax-free, gel formula." It also comes in 8 shades and is available at all of the major drug stores, Walmart. Target and online at and Amazon.

I only purchased two colors and I will insert swatches of each here:

625 HD Love Amour: this is a true red shade with blue undertones

625 HD Love Amour
I also got HD Obsession. (I don't know the shade number because it came off of my tube) This one is a bright blue toned pink.

HD Obsession


 Price: $ 9.49

I will be rating all aspects based on Pigmentation, Longevity, Packaging, and Performance on a scale from 1 - 5.

Pigmentation - 3

I'm torn on this because it wasn't not pigmented, but it didn't have the opacity that I expect when it comes to Matte lip colors....Also, this was not Matte, like At.All, Not even by a long shot. That was kind of disappointing, but all in all the pigmentation wasn't terrible.

Longevity - 2

I wore this to work on Monday through Thursday and it lasted from 8 am to may be about 10 a.m before I had to touch up. Now, I must note that I'm one of those people that eats and drinks the whole day. It came off while i was drinking my water and eating my breakfast, Super disappointing.
Packaging - 4

I really like the packaging. It has a frosty glass tinted tube with a silver top. the doe foot applicator makes it really easy to apply. I subtracted a point because the shade name wasn't on the actual tube it was on the paper insert
Performance - 2.5 
As far as living up to the claims from Revlon, this product missed the mark. It's not a traditional matte and definitely not a liquid lipstick. It transfers on to everything, I wore this to dinner and it literally got all over my face. You can also see my lips due to lack of opacity. It's not velvety and it also never dries completely down.

Final thoughts:
I like Revlon as a brand but, as a whole, I am not happy with this product. If I had my receipt, I would return this. This should be called a lipgloss because that's exactly how it performed.

I think it's okay to jump on the liquid lipstick bandwagon, but please deliver a matte lip color if you are going to do so.

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